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Me on smoking, in 1986: "Smokers Please Read" (Sept. 18, 2008)

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N.B.: I wrote this in November 1986. It was posted on my cubicle wall at Westinghouse for at least two years, until corporate policy was finally changed to ban at-desk smoking. I've formatted this so as to resemble closely its original, printed form.

There is a companion piece for non-smokers, which I will post tomorrow.


S M O K E R S   P L E A S E   R E A D

I become physically ill whenever I have to breathe tobacco-polluted air.

I cannot help this.

I am quite incapable of politely asking people to stop smoking, as my emotions make me unable to control my actions, should I be so forthright as to say anything at all.

This is a failing of mine, but by keeping my mouth shut, I save face and insult very few people.

My true feelings:

Cigarette smoking is a filthy, disgusting, unsafe and debilitating habit.
Everyone who currently smokes should stop altogether.



Anyone who smokes knows full well that it is unhealthy.Still, either they choose not to take that information to heart, or they are unwilling to carry out the unpleasant task of quitting.

Personally, I find it unconscionable that anybody would let his or her mind and body be controlled by an addictive, poisonous drug, nicotine.

If you are now smoking, do me and yourself a favor and put out the one in your mouth or hand and never light another.

Get help if you need it.  I know it's not easy.

Those of us who currently breathe will thank you.

You yourself will, too, in about two years.

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bus15237 said...

Comment on the original 2008 post:

Natasha Rene'e
oh my gosh i totally agree with this. i hate hate hate hate smoking!!! i ride the bus everyday and i get so freaking annoyed that no matter where i stand, and no matter how "open" the outside is... i can't get away from it. i have asthma and just the slightest fume gets me into a wheezing fit.

what's so irritating to me is that i would kill to have fully functional healthy lungs. and people that would otherwise have them, make a deliberate conscious choice to ruin them with cigarettes!!! i just don't get it. and in the process of ruining their lungs, they're trying to further ruin mine too!


sorry didn't mean to hijack your post. lol.

but yea...i agree. smokers...please stop. thanks.