Friday, December 23, 2011

Five-mile walk (Feb. 22, 2009)

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It started out as a simple errand, and in retrospect, I really should have called ahead. No, as it turned out, the bike wasn't ready to be picked up after all, so for that purpose, it was a wasted trip.

But it wasn't a wasted trip after all.

What I did was walk the 2-1/2 miles into West View, and most of the way back. My wife, wondering why I wasn't back by when I said I would, called me on the cell, and from her perspective, rescued me.

My main accomplishment on the way was making it easier for anyone to walk or bike along the southbound side of Perry Highway. We had a bad windstorm a week or so ago, and while the downed branches have long since been removed from the driving lanes, for pedestrians it has been a very different story. Until yesterday. What I did was remove every large and medium sized branch from the pathway along the road.

In a couple of spots, I also had to trim branches that had grown into the road, forcing any pedestrians right out into the driving lane. Really the property owners should take care of this. Really I should have gone up to the door of each house and gotten permission to take care of it for them. Well, at least it's possible to walk along there now, and too bad for your bushes, pal. Alternatively, I could have called the police and had *them* order you to cut back your greenery. Say thank you now. OK, you're welcome. At least now I don't have to die just trying to walk past your house. Yeah, over two miles of that.

I did not pick up trash. I did not yank weeds. Maybe some other trip. It was project enough just dealing with the downed branches.

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Pittsburgh Storm
Wow. In my attempt to downsize my weight, I began walking 3 or so miles per day. It usually starts right after my daughter gets on the bus. Too bad you work a M-F daylight schedule, or I'd ask you to join. Still have the unicycle?

Stuart Strickland
I walk a lot. I walked Downtown from work, about a mile and a half out 2nd Avenue (just past Birmingham Bridge) one night, about 35 minutes. I also bike a lot. Biked from home into Lawrenceville on Sunday, then today biked to work then to Squirrel Hill then home. Up to four trips into the city so far in 2009. Yes I still have the unicycle, several of them actually, but they're all out of commission for one reason or another. Broken pedal on one, flat tires on the rest.

Stuart Strickland
I should add that I walk *fast*. I'm usually humming a song as I walk. My normal walking pace is about even with the song "Shambala" by Three Dog Night. I can keep up that pace all day. If I'm feeling particularly happy, I walk to "Everybody Loves a Clown" by Gary Lewis and the Playboys. (Find both on That's a damn fast tempo to walk to!