Friday, December 2, 2011

I’m tired of glurge (September 2, 2008)

Current mood: pissed off

I knew glurge existed before I knew it had a name. What's glurge? Glurge is those emails containing syrupy sweet stories, often with a religious theme, that have been forwarded to you by a friend or relative, in turn forwarded to them in multiple generations of emails, and asking you to forward it on to everyone you know. The header and often the body contain literally hundreds of email addresses. (Side note: How do you think spammers get all those email addresses?)

The syrupy messages I can easily enough ignore. I have also steeled myself against all the hell and damnation that await me for not having forwarded the 40 or 50 of these that have already graced my inbox in 2008, not to mention the hundreds in past years. Poor me, tsk tsk. (Pardon me a moment.*turns to retch*) I can even tolerate the stupidity of juxtaposed paragraphs, the one blessing me with God's grace, the other guaranteeing me of untold tortures if I don't send it on. *cough*

No, what bugs me about these is the people sending them, most of whom I know. I've made it clear to them, in specific emails customized to each one, that I have no interest in receiving them, and to please stop. Yet they send them.

What's with these people? Most have college degrees. I've known some of them for decades. Have they gone soft in the head? How do I tell them, face to face if necessary, to lay off the stupidity?

Glurge. Hate it. That's an order.


bus15237 said...

Comment on the original 2008 post:

I already do A) Ignore it and immediately delete anything of a religious nature or anything dealing with someone abusing kids/animals in ANY WAY with pictures included. and B) send repeat emails to the people about said messages with a note attached that if they continue to ignore my wishes I will send their email to a random annoying site so that they can see how I feel. That usually works.

bus15237 said...

2008 reply to the above comment:

Stuart Strickland
Excellent idea! Thank you!