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I do not donate to political causes (Oct. 10, 2008)

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In an earlier blog, I stated that I will not discuss politics. (I later made one exception. No I will not link it here.)

Just to emphasize my neutrality, I will publicly state this: I do not donate time or money to candidates' campaigns. I do not give money to political causes. I do not donate to political action committees. I do not donate to either "501(c)(4)" or "527" (political) organizations, like, the AARP or the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. I do not donate to unions; not that I don't like unions, just that their purpose is overtly political, and usually specific to one candidate.

I will donate to "501(c)(3)" (charitable) organizations (e.g., American Red Cross), as they are not political. I also will donate to causes which require political action but whose purpose is not to directly benefit one candidate (e.g., anti-tobacco groups).

I'm also doing a pretty good job of not talking about candidates or their positions, I think. About the furthest I will go is to allow a sign to be posted in my yard (there are two other voters in my household), but I won't put one there myself, and I will not wear a button.

That's about it. But no money, no time, and no effort on my part, to assist any candidate or candidate-specific cause.

I take very seriously my position as Judge of Election. My job there is to make sure the polls are operated fairly and freely. I want to make sure every voter gets to vote, if they have registered properly and are in the right place. I cannot allow for even the appearance of bias.

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