Friday, December 23, 2011

April 9, 1963 (Apr. 9, 2009)

There is nothing particularly special about the date April 9, 1963, other than that it is the earliest memory I have for which I can positively pin down a date. I would have been age 4 years, 5 months, plus a couple of days. It would have been about the time I knew I was capable of reading newspapers. Yes, I was fully literate by my first day of kindergarten (Sept. 1963), but that's not my point. It's just that I know I can remember back that far.

The afternoon of April 9, 1963, which was a Tuesday, my father picked me up after work and we went on an errand. We stopped for gasoline in a thunderstorm. This was back in the day when someone pumped your gas for you. The poor attendant got soaked. No, very few gas stations had overhangs then, either, just a couple of pumps on a little concrete island. When we got home, the storm was fierce, and the lightning and thunder scared me, so I hid under a table.

But that's it, that's my big memory of 46 years ago today. There are scattered memories from all around my childhood, of course, but that's the oldest one I can date.

The second oldest I can date is where I was during lunch on November 22, 1963, after I got home from kindergarten. I was watching Search For Tomorrow (then a 15-minute live show!) with my grandmother when a live news broadcast from Dallas Texas interrupted, something about President Kennedy. Of course, everyone knows the rest of that story.

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