Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Summer began June 1. Where are the fireflies? (June 9, 2008)

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On September 1, I said Autumn began. (OK, it was on the 2nd.)
On December 1, I said Winter began. (ditto)
On March 1, I said Spring began.
June 1 came and went, but no blog about Summer beginning? Oh well, I was busy. But yes, in my book, June 1 is the official start of summer here in Pittsburgh. And boy, are we getting it! We've had 90+ days a couple times already in the past week.

But where are the fireflies? It isn't really summer until the fireflies appear. I've seen them as early as May 25, often by the 29th or 30th. But here it is, the evening of June 9th, and not a single firefly yet to be seen. Wahhhh!

(patience patience ...)

But anyway. Summer is probably my least favorite season. Hot. Sticky. Bugs. Severe weather. Snowstorms are not severe. Just snowy. You can shovel snow. You cannot shovel a tornado.


bus15237 said...

The fourth in a series of short posts about when seasons start: {March, June, September, December} 1, not the 20th.

bus15237 said...

Comments on the original 2008 post:

Stuart Strickland June 13, 2008
Just saw a firefly! Yay! Finally!!

you can shovel the debris.

Stuart Strickland
I suppose you could. You could bulldoze it, too. Might have to, in fact.

I just don't see the fun in death and destruction when you can have a snowball fight instead. :-)