Thursday, November 3, 2011

Barack or Hillary? We need more choices (April 17, 2008)

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Is anyone else tired of the two current choices in the Democratic primaries? How much different would the discussion be if, since Super Tuesday, we had these four choices!

A) Hillary Clinton, President; Barack Obama, Vice President
B) Barack Obama, President; Hillary Clinton, Vice President
C) Hillary Clinton, President; To-Be-Announced, Vice President
D) Barack Obama, President; To-Be-Announced, Vice President

That said, I still don't know who I'm going to vote for, either next week or in November, so don't ask.


bus15237 said...

Remember this discussion? I wonder if the process of primary elections needs an overhaul.

bus15237 said...

Comments on the original 2008 post:

Natasha Renée
i'm getting annoyed too. mainly at the way hillary is making an ass of herself. =( but yea, i wish we could get on with it and a nominee already. i would have liked edwards to have stayed in the race.

Pittsburgh Storm
This year's general could very interesting.

We'll have the Democratic Candiate, either Barack or Hillary.
We'll ave the Republican Candiate, John McCainn.
I "heard" the Libertarians would pick up Ron Paul as their candiate if he doesn't win the Republican.
Not sure for sure, by Ralph Nader may be running in the Generals as an Independant.

Barack. John. Ron. Ralph.

We may potentially have FOUR candiates for the General Election.

And that my friend, is how you have an election!