Thursday, November 24, 2011

$4 gasoline. Whaddya gonna do? (August 12, 2008)

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In the banter at the mechanic's shop yesterday, where I'd dropped off the car for an oil change and other minor work, this question was posed to me.

Of course, I'd gotten to the shop to pick up the car in the same manner as how I got home after dropping it off: By bicycle.

Um, isn't it rather obvious that that's "whatcha gonna do" about $4 gas? Myself, I put almost 100 miles underneath me in a bit over a week's time, and as with everything, practice helps. I've gotten rather bold about "taking the lane", i.e., getting right out in the left 1/3 of the driving lane when the need requires, such as making left turns, choosing lanes in a weave area, hell, even being in a weave area.

It helps that I always wear a blaze orange vest, and have super bright head and tail lights. I also avoid doing something stupid, like pulling in front of someone who's going too damn fast. Near lights, though, cars are not moving all that much faster than me, so I take the lane. For y'uns natives, turning left off of southbound Perry Highway onto Three Degree Road, near Willi's Ski Shop, is one of these places. So is turning into Pines Plaza from Perry southbound, both of these being a mere mile from my house, and on my way to the city, routine shopping trips, etc.

So, yeah, get out there and ride a bike. Get equipped properly. Be bold, not afraid.

People tell me caviar is expensive, but I don't buy the stuff, so I wouldn't know. However, the same idea applies: Gasoline is only expensive if you buy it.

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