Thursday, November 24, 2011

Passing the midpoint of summer (August 4, 2008)

Current mood: awake

We're not yet at the end of summer, but we've crossed that halfway point. How can I tell? I open my ears. During the day, I've heard the cicadas chirring away, which goes on half the summer, but as dusk approaches, there's another sound: Katydids.

Katydids, for those who don't have these wondrous bugs in their midst, make a noise that sounds a whole lot like running your finger along a comb real fast: rrrp rrrp (pause) rrrp rrrp rrrp (pause) rrrp rrrp rrrp (longer pause) rrrp rrrp. It sounds that way because that's what they're doing, zzrrrping a comb on their legs. It's a pleasant noise, really, even if it does go all night long. You only hear them, though, after the first of August, so when you do, it means the end of summer is near.

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