Monday, July 4, 2011

changing MySpace blog colors (Nov. 27, 2007)

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I got tired of the default MySpace-issued "uniform" so made my first foray into changing the "look and feel" of my layout.

First to change was the font size, from "medium" to "large". Even I had trouble reading it.

Next, for the green background, I lifted an RGB value from the website for a product I used to use a lot, but hardly touch anymore. I always liked its color, though. You're welcome to guess which product, which might be easy if you knew me in 1979.

The gold-ish colors of the link fonts came from the same website. I figure if the combo works for the professionals, then I can use it, too. All they are are RGB values.

The pink-ish font is a work in progress. I started with the bit-for-bit opposite of the green, but that looked too pink, so backed off the R value some. (I'm assuming you all know how RGB values work.) It still looks a bit too pink for my tastes, but there are a bunch more things I haven't fiddled with yet.

One thing I'm not doing is adding a pre-packaged layout. Most of them are impossible to read. They also take far too long to load, both in sheer amount of data, and in the amount of code each user's CPU has to crunch. I figure that everyone's still using a 400 MHz Win98 machine over a dial-up line, and if you happen to have more power than that, well, consider yourself lucky.

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bus15237 said...

This post made sense at the time, but MySpace totally revamped my page without my permission, so even I can't see what it looked like then, let alone what it looked like before. It's just amazing how poor a site MySpace was and continues to be.