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Taking the 54C quiz (August 24, 2007)

This week's (August 22-29) Pittsburgh City Paper cover story concerns Pittsburgh's famous bus route, the 54C. It is, in fact, a 27-item quiz.

A year or so ago, some of the ACTC regulars suggested putting together a tour guide for various bus routes. This is essentially that same suggestion, but taken to an extreme I had only dreamed of.

Try the quiz. I couldn't answer all of the questions myself, if for no other reason than that I do not now and never did go to bars. I did get quite a few of them right, though, some by trivia knowledge, some by good guessing.

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Pittsburgh Storm
I read this article today. I read the first few questions of it and then tossed it.

The Port Authority is a respectable transit agency. It does offer service to and from bars, however, it not a party bus system. I felt sick that the whole quiz pretty much was about drinking.

Stuart Strickland
Good point. Given the choice, though, I'd rather be seated next to someone intoxicated ON A BUS than DRIVING A CAR -- assuming, of course, that they're not going to do something horrible (like hurl) or stupid (like punch someone).

I lost a friend to a drunk driver once, a long time ago (12/1979), and can still vividly recall the feelings that caused in me and those close to me and him. In two other situations, I was in a car driven by someone intoxicated, and cannot recall ever being more in fear of my life.

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