Sunday, January 16, 2011

Decision: Porting the old MySpace blog

January 16, 2011: I have made two decisions. First, I will begin to port my entire bus15237 MySpace blog to this location. I am doing this since I do not trust MySpace to survive. This morning's news mentioned that MySpace is laying off half its staff.

I have put too much work into writing all those hundreds of blogs and comments over the years to just lose it to what would amount to a warehouse fire. I'm not thrilled with having everything I've ever written online placed under the blogger/blogspot roof, either, but at least this one is healthy.

I will attempt to capture any comments, links, photographs, special text effects, and so forth. I'm guessing I will not do it all at once, either, probably no more than one or two a day until I have a rhythm going. Just making that list took most of a day's work.

Second decision, a reversal of an earlier thought: I will use for my transit and transportation posts, and either this or another bit of cyber real estate I have staked out for posting all other topics. Some renaming of things may also have to occur.

I have no timeline for all this. Many other things in my life take priority at the moment. Once complete, though, I will likely have brief posts on bus15237 and elsewhere about the other entries, in case anyone is interested. I'm sure many other people have multiple personas, but it's new to me. Bear with me; I'll get it all under my belt eventually.

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